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Beat Berner

Head Group HR / Communication & Marketing

  • Visit Us at Transport Logistic in Singapore – Together We Shape the Future of Global Logistics!

    Transport Logistic SEA Bertschi Poster 12.10.2023 - We cordially invite you to visit us at the Transport Logistic exhibit in Singapore this November. Our Bertschi logistics experts will be on-site and available for one-on-one discussions about our global end-to-end supply chain solutions. Learn more about our sustainable, transparent, and efficient transport and storage options that we offer to our clients globally.view
  • Aldrees-Bertschi Introduces Temperature-Controlled Container Warehouse to Safeguard Products in Challenging Environments

    Comic 06.10.2023 -   Aldrees Bertschi Logistics Services, known for its commitment to safety and quality, has unveiled its latest addition: a cutting-edge temperature-controlled container warehouse at the Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal in Saudi Arabia. With the ability to withstand the extreme desert heat, this facility presents a game-changing solution for customers seeking to protect and cool their products. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and a dedicated team of logistics professionals, the warehouse sets new standards in the industry.view
  • Beyond Borders: Bertschi's Worldwide Tank Container Training

    Bertschi employee in Container 05.10.2023 -   Bertschi takes pride in setting the global standard for safety and quality when it comes to our tank containers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ISOtank containers, which consistently surpass industry benchmarks. To maintain these high standards, we place a strong emphasis on technical expertise and comprehensive training.view
  • Celebrating 777,777 Safe Container Handlings Without Any Incidents or Accidents

    Team Aldrees-Bertschi with a large 777,777 Containers Banner 05.10.2023 - At Aldrees-Bertschi, our joint venture serving our customers in the Middle East and located in the vast desert of Jubail, Saudi Arabia, a milestone has just been reached in the form of double lucky numbers! 777,777 container handlings for Sadara have officially been safely completed without any accidents or incidents since March 2017. This achievement showcases our strong and enduring partnership with our customer Sadara, a chemical company operating a world-scale integrated chemicals complex in Jubail Industrial City II.view
  • Bertschi and Dow launch groundbreaking sustainable transportation solution, combining intermodal rail and biofuel-engine trucks to reduce CO2 emissions

    Bertschi biofuel trucks 22.09.2023 -   Bertschi, a global leader in chemical logistics, and Dow Inc., a world-leading materials science company, have initiated a groundbreaking pilot for sustainable transportation, from the Netherlands to Italy, combining intermodal rail and biofuel-engine trucks. This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone for both companies in their commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.view
  • EcoVadis awards Bertschi a Gold Medal

    Ecovadis Gold Award 11.09.2023 -   Bertschi achieves gold! We are very happy to announce that EcoVadis awarded us a gold medal. To underline the importance of sustainability in Bertschi's daily activities, we have undergone the EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment. This reviews the environmental, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement, and ethical performance of the company by means of a detailed questionnaire.view
  • 500 New Containers: Bertschi's Response to the Evolving European Plastics Market

    Bertschi Dry Bulk container 25.08.2023 - With an evolving market situation and an influx of production pouring in from international sources, Europe's plastics industry is undergoing significant changes. Local production is gradually giving way to imports from other parts of the world, changing the way trade flows throughout Europe. Recognizing the shifts in the plastic market, Bertschi is proactively preparing to accommodate these changes and serve its customer base as effectively and efficiently as possible. Bertschi is purposefully growing its container capacity and investing in expansions of its plastic hubs and container farms to integrate the growing volumes of plastic imports. This strategic approach ensures that Bertschi remains a reliable player in intermodal logistics, equipped to address the changing landscape effectively.view
  • Bertschi BBS Trainer Evi Goes to China

    Bertschi BBS Trainer in China 16.08.2023 -   Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is an important aspect of safety work within the Bertschi Group. Accordingly, great importance was also attached to the introduction and implementation of the BBS system in Zhangjiagang, the newly opened Bertschi liquids hub in China. In order to train the team on site, our experienced and certified BBS expert of many years, Evi Jacobs, traveled to China for two weeks in July 2023. view
  • Bertschi achieves 100% score in OCS compliance within SQAS

    Bertschi truck overlooking beach 09.08.2023 -   The international Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) initiative has a crucial mission: to prevent the release of plastic granulates into our environment, especially our oceans. This objective requires the active participation of all stakeholders across the plastics supply chain, necessitating preventive actions. Achieving the goal of 'Zero Pellet Loss' can only be possible through the collaboration of every partner, from polymer producers to logistics service providers and processors.  view
  • Bertschi's Tank Container Farm Solution for Chemical Liquids

    Bertschi containers on site with a chemical plant in the background 17.07.2023 -   At Bertschi, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the chemical industry when it comes to storage and logistics. That's why we offer innovative storage solutions that provide the most flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.    view