Aldrees-Bertschi Introduces Temperature-Controlled Container Warehouse to Safeguard Products in Challenging Environments



Aldrees Bertschi Logistics Services, known for its commitment to safety and quality, has unveiled its latest addition: a cutting-edge temperature-controlled container warehouse at the Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal in Saudi Arabia. With the ability to withstand the extreme desert heat, this facility presents a game-changing solution for customers seeking to protect and cool their products. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and a dedicated team of logistics professionals, the warehouse sets new standards in the industry.

The Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal in Saudi Arabia operates as a vital logistical hub, catering to global and Middle Eastern customers. Alongside its tank container repair workshop and advanced cleaning facility, the new temperature-controlled container warehouse raises the bar in terms of safety and efficiency. Built to adhere to Bertschi's high standards, this facility ensures that products are stored and transported under optimal conditions.




Beating the Desert Heat

Spanning an impressive 14 meters in height and 22 meters in width, the temperature-controlled container warehouse can accommodate up to 124 containers. The hangar design, which includes a closeable curtain, provides an extra layer of protection for the loaded tank containers that contain chemicals and other sensitive goods. This innovative feature not only safeguards the products from external elements but also helps maintain the desired temperature inside the warehouse.

Saudi Arabia's desert heat poses a significant challenge for businesses, especially those dealing with temperature-sensitive goods. However, Aldrees-Bertschi's temperature-controlled container warehouse offers a game-changing solution. With the ability to cool down to 25 degrees Celsius, even in scorching temperatures reaching 49 degrees Celsius until October, customers can now rely on this facility to protect their valuable and potentially dangerous products.




Unparalleled Support and Safety

By being the first to introduce such a vast temperature-controlled container warehouse in the region, Aldrees-Bertschi reaffirms its commitment to meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations. Whether it's preserving the integrity of perishable items, preventing spoilage, or ensuring the safety of hazardous materials, this facility offers unparalleled support to businesses operating in challenging environments.

Safety is a top priority at Aldrees-Bertschi, and the temperature-controlled warehouse is no exception. The facility is equipped with a robust foam and water system designed to combat fire incidents swiftly and effectively. This additional safety feature provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that their valuable cargo is protected not only from extreme temperatures but also from potential fire risks.

Aldrees-Bertschi Logistics Services has set a new benchmark in the industry with the introduction of its state-of-the-art temperature-controlled container warehouse. Located in the challenging desert environment of Saudi Arabia, this facility offers customers the unique ability to cool their products and protect them from extreme heat. With its unmatched capacity, stringent safety measures, and dedicated team of professionals, Aldrees-Bertschi continues to redefine logistics standards and provide innovative solutions for businesses operating in demanding conditions.


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