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Beat Berner

Head Group HR / Communication & Marketing

  • Hans-Jörg Bertschi: Our Executive Chairman Talks About the Path towards Climate-Neutral Logistics

    Containers on Train 16.08.2021 -   Humanity uses vast amounts of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas. This causes CO2 levels in the atmosphere to rise, which in turn heat up the planet. At the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015, 195 states signed an agreement and committed to very significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions.view
  • Stiftung Lebenshilfe: quality catering in the in-house canteen at Bertschi headquarters

    Culinary Team 24.06.2021 - The name says it all: Lebenshilfe, or "life help", for people with light to severe cognitive or mental impairment or multiple disabilities – that is what the Stiftung Lebenshilfe (Lh) is all about. People with disabilities can find a home at Lh from when they complete their mandatory education up to the end of their life. They live in small accommodation units for up to eight people within modern residences, and are supported as and when they need it.view
  • Behind-the-Scenes of a Container Terminal and Logistics Center in the Desert

    Bertschi Jubail 22.06.2021 - The Joint Venture Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal in Saudi Arabia handles the logistics processes of our global and Middle Eastern clients. Our staff on site operate as expert logistics professionals, handling the challenging requirements of our customers, through efficient implementation, trainings, and a special ability to withstand the harsh conditions of a terminal located in the middle of a desert. view
  • Multimodal Routing Between Europe and Asia

    Bertschi Containers on Rail 14.06.2021 - Over the past few months, it has become increasingly expensive and difficult to ship containers overseas by sea freight. Persistent capacity bottlenecks and high demand for goods are putting many supply chains to the test. Producers and consumers alike are confronted with exorbitantly high sea freight rates and ships that are fully booked for months at a time. They are thus consistently exposed to the risk of having to shut down production lines due to a lack of material supplies.view
  • MMDI Tanks – Maintenance, Training, and Operation Key Pillars

    MMDI Container Tanks 03.06.2021 - The Bertschi competence center for the MMDI tank container fleet is located in the beautiful Dutch town of Delfzijl. From there, we successfully manage the maintenance team which is spread across Bertschi terminals throughout Europe.view
  • High Satisfaction in the Plastics Distribution Center at CLBT Bologna

    CLBT Bologna 08.04.2021 -  view
  • Truck Bowling and Social Distancing – 2020 Driver Training Days

    Bertschi Truck Bowling 25.02.2021 -  We are committed to maintaining a team of logistics professionals that put safety as a top priority. It is thus crucial that our drivers are regularly trained to the highest levels of safety compliance. This is done through our annual driver training days.  This 2020 was no exception. Social distancing and preventive measures were implemented according to the subsidiaries’ local recommendations, in order that these trainings remain possible. view
  • Positive developments at the KV terminal and planned expansion in Rotterdam Botlek

    Bertschi Rotterdam 15.01.2021 - The Bertschi subsidiary in Rotterdam, located on Theemsweg in Botlek, right in the middle of the port of Rotterdam, now offers a storage capacity of 800 TEU hazardous goods containers and more than 1,500 TEU non-hazardous goods containers. Its close proximity to customers, port terminals, and the direct connection to the European rail network is one of the subsidiary’s key strategic advantages.view
  • Le Havre - the place to be

    Le Havre 15.01.2021 - From a white spot 4 years ago to a strategic hub and a strong global presence.view
  • Bertschi - Your Partner through the Brexit Reality

    Bertschi - Your Partner through the Brexit Reality 12.10.2020 - BREXIT is the reality. Following several adjustments, the UK left the European Union at the end of January 2020, beginning a transition period that expires on December 31 this year. The coming hard Brexit situation creates difficulties in supply chain traffic between the EU and the UK. Bertschi offers two bonded terminals and a chartered vessel to handle all shipment and storage needs.view