Environmental responsibility

Bertschi, as intermodal market leader in chemical logistics, is committed to achieve environmental sustainability. Through the environmentally friendly transportation of goods by rail, Bertschi saves over 300,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year in comparison to pure road transportation.

We also demonstrate our commitment to sustainability as a Responsible Care Partner with annually assessed sustainability targets and as a member of the ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ campaign that uses a range of specific measures to minimize plastic waste in the environment.

With CO2 reduction
around the globe


By using intermodal transport, Bertschi saves more than 300,000 tonnes of CO2 annually compared to pure road transport. This is the equivalent of a car travelling 1.5 billion kilometres or 37,000 times around the world.


Container train reaching
from Paris to Moscow

If all of Bertschi's containers used in intermodal transport per year were loaded together on a train, it would be over 3,000 kilometres long. This is longer than the distance from Paris to Moscow.


Passing through Gotthard tunnel
every 6 minutes

80,000 Bertschi containers pass through the transalpine Gotthard tunnel by rail each year. This equals one container entering the world’s longest rail tunnel every 6 minutes.


We put our commitment into action

As a partner in the Responsible Care Initiative in conjunction with ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association) and Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council), Bertschi is pursuing clearly defined and measurable targets to improve resource efficiency, safety and the ecological and social impact of the transport and logistics industry. Improvements are monitored annually by ECTA.

Bertschi was one of the first logistics service providers to become a member of the ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ programme and has further signed up to the goal of achieving ‘Zero Pellet Loss’. The aim of the programme is to help all organisations which operate with plastic pellets to adopt the correct measures to protect the environment. 

Bertschi as specialist for intermodal, sustainable transport
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