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Beat Berner

Head Group HR / Communication & Marketing

  • 500 New Containers: Bertschi's Response to the Evolving European Plastics Market

    Bertschi Dry Bulk container 25.08.2023 - With an evolving market situation and an influx of production pouring in from international sources, Europe's plastics industry is undergoing significant changes. Local production is gradually giving way to imports from other parts of the world, changing the way trade flows throughout Europe. Recognizing the shifts in the plastic market, Bertschi is proactively preparing to accommodate these changes and serve its customer base as effectively and efficiently as possible. Bertschi is purposefully growing its container capacity and investing in expansions of its plastic hubs and container farms to integrate the growing volumes of plastic imports. This strategic approach ensures that Bertschi remains a reliable player in intermodal logistics, equipped to address the changing landscape effectively.view
  • Bertschi BBS Trainer Evi Goes to China

    Bertschi BBS Trainer in China 16.08.2023 -   Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is an important aspect of safety work within the Bertschi Group. Accordingly, great importance was also attached to the introduction and implementation of the BBS system in Zhangjiagang, the newly opened Bertschi liquids hub in China. In order to train the team on site, our experienced and certified BBS expert of many years, Evi Jacobs, traveled to China for two weeks in July 2023. view
  • Bertschi achieves 100% score in OCS compliance within SQAS

    Bertschi truck overlooking beach 09.08.2023 -   The international Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) initiative has a crucial mission: to prevent the release of plastic granulates into our environment, especially our oceans. This objective requires the active participation of all stakeholders across the plastics supply chain, necessitating preventive actions. Achieving the goal of 'Zero Pellet Loss' can only be possible through the collaboration of every partner, from polymer producers to logistics service providers and processors.  view
  • Bertschi's Tank Container Farm Solution for Chemical Liquids

    Bertschi containers on site with a chemical plant in the background 17.07.2023 -   At Bertschi, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the chemical industry when it comes to storage and logistics. That's why we offer innovative storage solutions that provide the most flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.    view
  • Driving Towards Sustainability: Bertschi Explores Electric Trucks for a Climate-Neutral Supply Chain

    Two Bertschi employees standing in front of a white electric truck 17.07.2023 - Bertschi has taken another step towards achieving its goal of a climate-neutral supply chain. Recently, the group has introduced electric trucks within its operations, starting with trucks for Nordic Bulkers and Bertschi Cologne. This pilot project aims to assess the performance of electric trucks in Bertschi’s and Nordic Bulkers' logistics chains and explore the feasibility of scaling up their usage in the coming years. By embracing sustainable solutions like electric trucks and intermodal transports, Bertschi Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact and fostering a greener future.view
  • Focus on sustainability and employee well-being: Bertschi's Bike to Work Challenge

    Bike to Work 10.07.2023 -   With great enthusiasm and the radiant sun behind us, Bertschi plunged into the Bike to Work Challenge for the first time this year. Ten teams, consisting of a total of 40 motivated participants, took on the challenge and cycled to the office throughout the entire month of June. The weather seemed to be on our side, accompanying us on our cycling adventures. Together, we covered an incredible 7,644 kilometers and proudly saved 1,101 kilograms of CO2.  view
  • Step Inside and Witness Excellence in Action: The Bertschi Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub

    Crane Operator looking out into a bird's eye view of the hub 06.07.2023 -   Bertschi is thrilled to announce the official opening of the Bertschi Zhangjiagang Chemical Hub.   Watch Video Built on the Highest Safety Standards With the Best Technology in the Field At the Heart of the Yangtze River Deltaview
  • Bertschi Earns Acclaim at Dow Europe 2023 Awards

    Bertschi Employees standing with their awards 27.06.2023 - Bertschi has received commendations at the Dow Europe 2023 4STAR Awards. Bertschi’s commitment to excellence has garnered the Silver Star award in the 'Warehousing' category and the Gold Star award in the 'Road/Intermodal Operator' category. Additionally, Bertschi's daughter company, Nordic Bulkers, was honored with a Gold Star in the 'Road' category, further affirming our dedication to exceptional performance across multiple aspects of the supply chain.view
  • Bertschi Marches Together at Zurich Pride: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

    Bertschi Employees in a group photo at zurich pride 19.06.2023 - “They Say Our Hearts Beat Yellow, and Yellow is Part of the Rainbow!” Bertschi employees proudly donned yellow shirts with this text front-and-back as they marched in the vibrant and empowering Zurich Pride Parade on June 17, 2023. The slogan symbolizes Bertschi’s dedication to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels accepted and valued.view
  • New Warehouse in Tarragona - for Drumming Operations

    Tarragona Welcome 12.06.2023 -   Expanding services in Tarragona: since April 2023, the Spanish subsidiary has been operating a new bottling station in a 1,000-square-metre warehouse.  view