The Bertschi Trainee Program

  • 12-month program
  • Exciting development opportunities
  • Permanent contract and competitive Swiss salary
  • Work in international transport planning

Ich interessiere mich für das Bertschi Trainee Programm!

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The Bertschi Trainee Program is a unique opportunity for professional development within the international logistics industry.

We offer a 12-month program for university graduates that will engage you in key activities in transportation planning, preparing you for a future role in one of our Business Units.

The program's tailor-made approach will allow you to carve your own career path and create strong networks throughout the company. 

Benefit from a high interest in your career by top management, a competitive Swiss salary, and a unique starting point for your career success. Show us what you're made of, and we'll help you grow. 






What to Expect

After applying through our online form and a successful interview process, you will be placed in one of our Business Units. A permanent contract will be given to you.

You will work alongside exceptional colleagues from a wide range of nationalities and will be actively involved in the activities of the dispatching/forwarding department. You will be systematically trained in a defined area and you will support the department as a full team member.

With a dedicated mentor, you will gain a cross-functional understanding of how our business works, develop skills in international customer management and diverse team communication, and learn to do what we do best – generating sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective transport solutions for our global clients.

The Bertschi Trainee Program also includes special events and projects in collaboration with our Digitalization department, fellow trainees, and our partner universities. A final project, completed alongside your daily work in the course of your trainee year, will be presented by you directly to the CEO. 




  • Gain a cross-functional understanding of our business

  • Engage in key activities in transportation planning

  • Collaborate with a dedicated mentor

  • Work alongside international colleagues

  • Carve your career path with Bertschi

  • Develop skills in global customer management


Our Ideal Candidates

This opportunity is for adaptive, goal-driven young professionals excited to deliver results and embrace challenges in the complex but dynamic chemical logistics industry. 

If you can demonstrate accomplishments in your studies, internships, or other relevant work experiences, then impress us with your eagerness to learn, your keenness to work in an international environment, and a passion for logistics, and we will offer you unique opportunities in our Business Units. 



Bertschi trainee programme

"The trainee program at Bertschi is the ideal way to start your career. The transport planner training teaches you about logistics from the ground up and provides fantastic development opportunities for future management roles."

Hans-Jörg Bertschi
Executive Chairman, Board of Directors



We have every intention of turning this into a long-term relationship.

At the end of a successful traineeship, we offer you a position within Bertschi, and continue to support your growth within the company. Investing in our trainees comes from our main objective of developing substantially valuable employees who will stay on in the company. This is why this program comes with a permanent contract.

We’ve had trainees that have moved on to interesting job positions where they actively shape the company’s future, and we aim for this kind of progress in our trainees’ development at Bertschi. This could be you.



Here’s what our previous trainees are doing now...


"Immediately after completing my training year at Bertschi, I was able to take on the management of a planning department with 10 employees. I really appreciate the trust that was placed in me."

Jan (1991)
Bachelor Engineering


"After my Trainee Program, I joined the Digitalization department, working with the latest technologies to shape the future of logistics. Now, I am the Team Lead for IT Development Transport Europe."

Sandra (1993)
Bachelor Business Economics


"Currently, I have been given the opportunity to complete a work placement at our subsidiary in Shanghai (China). This allows me to develop professionally and get to know a new culture at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!"

Filip (1989)
Bachelor Asian Business Mgmt.

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