The Bertschi Apprenticeship

  • Become a logistics professional in an international environment
  • Numerous development opportunities upon graduation
  • Professional support throughout the entire apprenticeship

We are committed to our young trainees and offer them exciting career opportunities upon graduation. An apprenticeship at Bertschi is characterized by committed supervisors, clear structures and an exciting international field of work.

Bertschi apprenticeship as success model

In 2022, we once again have an apprentice who completed his apprenticeship at Bertschi with top marks in his year and was honored by the industry association for this outstanding performance.

Congratulations on this great success!


David Walti  I  Commercial M profile 



In 2019, 3 of our apprentices completed their apprenticeships at Bertschi with top marks in their year and were honored by the industry association for this outstanding performance.

Congratulations on this great success!


Kim Huber (l.)  I  Commercial M profile 

Vanessa Hauri (m.)  I  Commercial E profile 

Joel Hauenstein (r.)  I  Road transport specialist EFZ 


Business Administrator

Become a global logistics professional.

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Road Transport Specialist

Driver training to prepare you for the road.

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Vehicle Specialist / Vehicle Mechanic

Become an expert in trucks or the mechanics of big machines. 

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Vehicle Mechatronics Engineer

Ensure that our trucks have functioning electronics.

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IT Platform Development

Be trained in platform development

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IT App Development

Be trained in application development

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Our successfull apprentices   


Robin Kiel - IT Technician app development

Nicolò Mazzotta - Business Administrator

Jasmin Bolliger - Business Administrator

Corina Studer - Business Administrator

Joel Rindlisbacher - Business Administrator

David Walti-  Business Administrator

n.a. Timon Gisler - IT Technician app development



Nils Koch - IT Technician app development

Lukas Gilgen - IT Technician app development

Rouven Arnold - Road Transport Specialist

Sandro Meier - Business Administrator

Sema Oymak - Business Administrator

Janik Mätzler - Road Transport Specialist

Seila Durakovic - Business Administrator

Ives Pfister - Road Transport Specialist



Lotfi Yassin Benmegri - IT Technician

Hüseyn Cokgezen - Road Trasnport Specialist

Lisa Paluca - Business Administrator

Fabio Steiger - Vehicle Mechatronics Engineer

Alexandra Kleiner - Business Administrator

Rouven Chanton - Road Transport Specialist

Fabienne Ganz - IT Technician

Samuel Bysäth - Vehicle Specialist

Naeya Vasanthakumaran - Business Administrator

Rahel Hauri - Business Administrator

Robin Kaefer - IT Technician 


Jeffrey Smith - IT Specialist

Louis Jungwirth - Business Administrator

Angelina Schaub - Business Administrator

Vanessa Hauri - Business Administrator

Kim Huber - Business Administrator

Joel Hauenstein - Road Transport Specialist

Sven Ghelfi - Road Trasnport Specialist

Inas Rekic - IT Specialist



Nico Gut - Vehicle Mechanic

Melissa Fehlmann - Business Administration

Dominik Polana - Vehicle Specialist

Lucien Schaffner - Business Administration

Florian Bolliger - IT Technician

Janik Baumann - IT Technician

Stephanie Käser - Business Administration

Sarah Woodtli - Business Administration

Kevin Lang - IT Technician



Dino Donev - Road Transport Specialist

Arion Rey - Road Transport Specialist

Dominic von Moos - Vehicle Specialist

Lukas Koch - IT Technician

Muhamed Osmani - Vehicle Specialist

Sarah Hugentobler - Business Administrator

Jacqueline Fina - Business Administrator

Loris di Minico - IT Specialist


Interested? We look forward to receiving your application!