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Beat Berner

Head Group HR / Communication & Marketing

  • The Yangtze River Delta – Home of the Bertschi Zhangjiagang Logistics Hub

    View of the river with cargo ships 21.06.2022 - Our newest and biggest investment, Bertschi Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub, was built on the highest international standards and the best available technology in the field. It was also built right by the Yangtze River Delta, accessing one of the fastest growing and richest regions of East Asia.view
  • Yellow Hearts - Full of Empathy and Compassion

    Employees holding a Swiss and Ukraine flag 20.06.2022 - Recent months and indeed years have been very challenging for all of us. First the Covid crisis pushed us all to our limits, and now an unnecessary war is filling us with concern and sadness. Particularly in difficult trying times, it’s so wonderful to see Bertschi employees getting involved to make a difference.view
  • Bertschi – Your One-Stop-Shop for Global Logistics Solutions & Integrated Services

    Bertschi port-side terminal with trucks, containers, and rail tracks. 17.05.2022 - As a long-standing leader in European intermodal chemical logistics, Bertschi Group’s best-in-class presence in Europe has built a profound network set up for rail, road, and waterway transportation. This network includes our own truck fleet, train terminals, and logistics hubs for both dry bulk and liquid chemical products.  Bertschi's European Networkview
  • A Decade in China: Bertschi’s Journey to the East

    Bertschi China Graphics 03.05.2022 - May 5th 2022 is a big day of celebration for the 50 Bertschi Group team members in China, as well as for the Bertschi staff family around the world – it will mark 10 years since the Business Licence was registered for our first company in China. Bertschi International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co Ltd, was established on May 5th, 2012 – with just 3 team members and a small office in the Xujiahui district of Shanghai.view
  • We have fun!

    april fools 18.03.2022 - We have fun! Perhaps some of you optimistically reacted to our April Fool's joke on solar-powered trucks. Unfortunately, such technology is not yet a reality for such high volume vehicles, otherwise, we certainly would be looking into it.view
  • Our Drivers: The Best Professional Road Specialists Trained to the Bertschi Standard

    3 Bertschi Drivers posing cross-armed in front of Bertschi trucks 10.12.2021 - Well trained and professional drivers are critical for Bertschi, and the severity of the Europe-wide driver shortage poses its challenges. Our driver recruitment and training process, our very own Driver Academy, and training young apprentices, are examples of ways we address these.view
  • Transporting Pyrolysis Oil "Bio-Oil" for Major Customers

    Bertschi Liquids Tank at customer site loading Pyrolysis Oil 01.12.2021 - Pyrolysis is the thermal degradation of plastic waste to produce liquid oil, called Pyrolysis oil or Bio-oil. As the preferred logistics services provider for two major chemical producers of this product, we have great opportunities for growth in this market segment.view
  • Bertschi Kids Experience the World of Logistics in a Successful Future Day 2021!

    Kids at the Bertschi workshop 25.11.2021 - This year's Future Day at Bertschi was a big success! In Switzerland, the "Zukunfstag", or Future Day, is held every year. Kids between the ages of 10 and 12 spend the day in the workplace of a parent, relative, or family friend, to see what it's like working in that particular job.view
  • Global Sea Freight: A Challenging Situation in times of COVID-19

    Sea Port 03.11.2021 - The pandemic sent shockwaves through global trade, particularly in global maritime freight. Given the present patterns, a look to the future indicates that it will most likely take several months before this disruption is absorbed across the maritime supply chain.view
  • Bertschi’s Innovative Thinking Reduces Customer’s Carbon Footprint by 50% – Laurenz Beeckmans honored with the Chevron Philipps Keystone Award

    Picture of a barge on one side. Picture of Laurenz holding the award on the other side. 27.10.2021 - The Keystone Award by CP Chem was presented to our colleague Laurenz Beeckmans. His innovative solution of transferring containers from trucks to barges has reduced carbon emissions in this customer's supply chain in Antwerp.view