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Beat Berner

Head Group HR / Communication & Marketing

  • Prioritizing Driver Safety and Efficiency: Inside Bertschi's Driver Training

    Bertschi Instructor Day for Drivers 16.03.2023 - The logistics industry plays a crucial role in the global economy, and the safe and efficient transportation of goods depends on skilled and dedicated truck drivers. Bertschi prioritizes driver safety, training, and development.view
  • Bertschi's 68% Reduction in CO2 Emissions: The Power of Intermodal Transportation

    Bertschi Containers on a train 16.03.2023 - Bertschi is leading the way in sustainable logistics with our commitment to using intermodal transportation in our supply chain. Bertschi’s climate footprint for 2022 includes 248,600,000 INTERMODAL kilometers traveled. This means that compared to if the same distance was traveled using pure road transport, we have saved a whopping 68% of CO2 emissions.view
  • Meet Guiling: Our RMG Crane Operator at the New Bertschi Zhangjiagang Chemical Hub

    Bertschi Female RMG Crane Operator 15.03.2023 - We recently released a video showcasing one of our female RMG crane operators, Guiling Ma, at our Zhangjiagang Chemical Hub in China. We are thrilled to highlight Guiling's dedication and skill in her role, as well as her inspiring personal story.view
  • From Bertschi Trainee to Account Manager in Bertschi Shanghai - Interview with Tobias Junghans

    Tobias standing in front of Bertschi Shanghai 24.02.2023 - Former Bertschi Trainee Tobias Junghans recently relocated to Bertschi Shanghai as Key Account Manager and Superuser. He shares with us his motivations for joining the company, his experiences with the working culture in Shanghai, and his plans for professional and personal development in China. Read on to gain insight into the exciting opportunities and challenges of pursuing a career in a global organization and adapting to a new culture. view
  • Bertschi: A Top Employer for IT Jobs in Switzerland's Transport and Traffic Sector

    Bertschi IT Employees with the CHIP Award Logo 24.02.2023 - Bertschi has been awarded the title CHIP Top Employers in Switzerland for IT jobs 2023. The award recognizes companies that are particularly attractive for IT professionals in Switzerland. With a score of 71%, ranked number 4 of the top companies in the transport and traffic sector for IT jobs. view
  • Strengthening Safety Culture and Promoting Knowledge Sharing: Training Week in Saudi Arabia

    The Bertschi Aldrees Team 14.12.2022 - In a move to both strengthen our customer relationships and hold our employees to the highest Bertschi standards, a special training week was conducted this November in Saudi Arabia for both our valued customers and internally for our employees at ALDREES-BERTSCHI Logistics Services Co. Jubail. The Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal in Saudi Arabia handles the logistical processes of our global and Middle Eastern customers.view
  • Boat Parties, Port Days, and Go-Kart Racing: In-Person Events are Back this 2022, and Bertschi is All In

    Bertschi IT Team on Go Karts 14.12.2022 - After a very long few years, we are finally starting to see the return of in-person events. Team spirit connects people! We are proud to be able to show you around some of our events held this 2022, and we are looking forward to upcoming events that bring us closer together and create new bonds through unique experiences and exciting times!  view
  • A Bold Symbol of Inclusion and Diversity: The New 30-Foot DryBulk Bertschi PRIDE Container

    Bertschi Pride Container 23.11.2022 - We have installed a symbol of inclusion and diversity on a fully functional 30-foot DryBulk Bertschi container, colorfully decorated in Pride colors and imagery. This container will actively be part of our intermodal supply chains within Europe. Discussions for this effort began during the global Pride month of June this year, and our goal to set a bold and concrete icon of Pride within the company was soon-after implemented.view
  • “Among our global network, China is strategically the most important one” - Jemmy Wu

    ZJG Birds Eye View 20.10.2022 - Swiss-based logistics provider Bertschi started in the 1950s as a small family business. Today, the company employs over 3,200 people in 39 countries. Its newest investment is a new chemical logistics hub in Zhangjiagang, close to Shanghai. Jemmy Wu, Managing Director for the Chinese market, tells us what Bertschi’s plans are with the new facility.view
  • Internal Trainings: The Bertschi Tank Container Technical Training in Busto Arsizio this 2022

    Group Photo Bertschi Italy Training 13.10.2022 - The Bertschi Tank Container Technical Training in Busto Arsizio, Italy, spanned two full Saturdays this September 2022. These two technical courses were specially tailored to the needs of the employees of Bertschi Italy. This year, the comprehensive training was extended to additional on-site and office staff, highlighting the importance of further internal education within the company for increased cross-departmental collaboration and understanding.view