Beyond Borders: Bertschi's Worldwide Tank Container Training

Bertschi employee in Container


Bertschi takes pride in setting the global standard for safety and quality when it comes to our tank containers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ISOtank containers, which consistently surpass industry benchmarks. To maintain these high standards, we place a strong emphasis on technical expertise and comprehensive training. In this article, we'll delve into the importance of our Tank Container Training program, which equips our employees, service providers, and customers with the knowledge and skills necessary for handling these containers safely and efficiently.


M&R team trainings in Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


Bertschi's ISOtank containers are a testament to our dedication to innovation and safety. These containers are designed by our technical team, whos expertise ensures that every container we produce meets and exceeds global safety and quality standards. With the ever-evolving demands of the industry, having such specialists on board is crucial to maintaining our leadership position.


M&R team training in Nhava Sheva and BASIC Tank training for new employees in Jebel Ali, UAE


Our employees around the world regularly work with Bertschi ISOtank containers. It is essential that they possess a deep understanding of the technical aspects, components, and safety protocols associated with these containers. Our Tank Container Training program equips our workforce with the knowledge they need to handle these containers with confidence. This not only enhances their safety but also contributes to the overall quality of our operations.


Inside a training-tank container in Santos, Brazil


Key Aspects Covered in Training:

1. Technical Components: the usage of the right vocabulary to define tank equipment and understanding their function on board are the foundation of a correct and safe handling of our fleet.


BASIC Tank Training for new employees in Santos, Brazil


2. Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount in our industry. We emphasize safety protocols and best practices to minimize risks and incidents when handling our containers.


BASIC Tank Training session for new employees in Shanghai, China


3. Quality Standards: The principal objective of our training programs extends beyond learning about our high-quality standards; it also focuses on ensuring that these standards are consistently maintained throughout the entire lifecycle of our operations. This comprehensive approach encompasses activities such as thorough inspections of newly constructed assets, routine maintenance of our fleet, adherence to proper handling procedures, and rigorous auditing processes for our service providers.


Service providers auditing in China, Indonesia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Japan


The audit process not only consists of a SHEQ inspection; it involves a broader and more in-depth technical exchange. The objective is to gather valuable insights from our partners to further enhance our standards wherever possible. We discuss preventive and corrective actions to ensure seamless operations while adhering to the best Maintenance and Repairs (M&R) practices.


Expanding Knowledge Beyond Bertschi:

Bertschi's commitment to safety and quality extends beyond our own employees. We also offer our Tank Container Training program to our valued customers. By training our customers about the technical aspects of our containers, we enable them to make informed decisions, better understand supply chain processes, and enhance their overall safety and quality awareness.


Customer Tank Training in Florham Park, New Jersey, USA


The core objective of our Tank Container Training program is to foster a culture of safety and quality awareness within Bertschi and among our customers. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to work confidently with our ISOtank containers, we contribute to the safety of our employees, customers, and the broader industry.


Customer Tank Training in Dubai.


Bertschi's Tank Container Training program is not just a routine exercise; it's a commitment to excellence, safety, and quality. We acknowledge the Bertschi Global M&R team and thank them for ensuring that everyone who interacts with these containers has the expertise to do so safely and effectively. Together, we're shaping a safer and more secure future for the tank container industry, one well-informed professional at a time.

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