Celebrating 777,777 Safe Container Handlings Without Any Incidents or Accidents

Team Aldrees-Bertschi with a large 777,777 Containers Banner


At Aldrees-Bertschi, our joint venture serving our customers in the Middle East and located in the vast desert of Jubail, Saudi Arabia, a milestone has just been reached in the form of double lucky numbers! 777,777 container handlings for Sadara have officially been safely completed without any accidents or incidents since March 2017. This achievement showcases our strong and enduring partnership with our customer Sadara, a chemical company operating a world-scale integrated chemicals complex in Jubail Industrial City II.


Safety at the Core of Our Operation

At the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert, a container depot thrives. Our operation here is a testament to how Bertschi puts safety as a number one priority, especially dealing with dangerous and non-dangerous chemical goods. Our equipment and containers set the industry standard in safety and quality, and every team member has a critical role in ensuring that every container handling is completed safely, without incident. Sadara's trust in us is a testament to our commitment to their safety and success.

Our journey to 777,777 safe and incident-less container handlings didn't happen overnight. It was the result of countless hours of teamwork, dedication, and passion, all guided by our commitment to prioritizing safety above all else.



What's next? With our operation running seamlessly, it's not a matter of if but when we will surpass the one-million-safe-container-handlings mark. The future is bright, and our team's determination continues.

Andreas Nebiker, General Manager of Aldrees-Bertschi notes that, “together, we have achieved remarkable performance levels. With our clockwork running seamlessly, I am confident that we will soon surpass 1 million safe container handlings!” He adds, “I want to express my pride in the Aldrees-Bertschi team and our strong collaboration with Sadara. Your hard work and commitment have made this achievement possible. Keep up the excellent work!”



The team was treated to a celebratory dinner by the sea combining this milestone of 777,777 safe container handlings with a Part II of their 10 Years of Aldrees-Bertschi celebration. This was also combined with some anniversaries of employees as well.

Finally, Aldrees-Bertschi team leaders enjoyed a festive lunch with our esteemed customers from Sadara to celebrate this successful partnership and subsequent milestone. We expressed our gratitude for their continued trust in our operations, and our anticipation for the years to come. We came together to not only commemorate the achievement of 777,777 container handlings but also to strengthen the bonds that make this partnership thrive. It was a joyful occasion filled with laughter, shared stories, and the anticipation of many more successful endeavors to come.


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