From Bertschi Trainee to Account Manager in Bertschi Shanghai - Interview with Tobias Junghans

Tobias standing in front of Bertschi Shanghai


Former Bertschi Trainee and BU Global Head of Business Analytics and Controlling Tobias Junghans recently relocated to Bertschi Shanghai as Key Account Manager and Superuser. He shares with us his motivations for joining the company, his experiences with the working culture in Shanghai, and his plans for professional and personal development in China. Read on to gain insight into the exciting opportunities and challenges of pursuing a career in a global organization and adapting to a new culture. 


What motivated you to join Bertschi? 

My motivation to join Bertschi in February 2020 was mainly its well-established trainee program in a growing and international company with a strong position in its industry. The opportunity to add value through my work for the company while fulfilling my desired personal career development within that organization was also a strong motivator. Ultimately, it was my “gut instinct” to join Bertschi, which has since proven to be one of the best decisions in my life so far. 


Why did you decide to come to China, and how has the schedule been delayed because of the pandemic? 

When joining Bertschi, it was always clear to us at HQ that my career would lead me back to China. I first traveled to China in 2011 as a tourist during my high school summer vacation and was struck by its unique growth and development. As a German who grew up in a traditional German family and a small town, my curiosity for China led me to study "International Business Administration and Chinese" in Germany and later as an exchange student in Shanghai. 



After the Bertschi trainee program, I was offered the position of Business Analyst and was scheduled to move to China, but I faced delays due to the pandemic. Several months later, I was offered the position of Head of Business Analytics and Controlling of our global Business Unit. This position allowed me to experience a strong learning curve and gain valuable insight into our company, which I very much appreciate. In retrospect, the delay due to the pandemic had its advantages. 


How has your first day and week been so far after arriving in China? 

Since day one, I’ve felt very welcomed by the Bertschi team in Shanghai. My colleagues were eager to immediately introduce local restaurants near the office for lunch. I’ve noticed very quickly that the working culture here at Bertschi Shanghai shows a strong team feeling among employees and a sense of identification with the company. Combined with the great team spirit in our office, this makes it an absolute joy to work with the team. 



Do you have any plans for work-related and off-work activities in China? 

I plan to further develop my professional career at Bertschi in China. In Switzerland, I was able to become part of the company and through my recent job position, I’ve set my footprint at headquarters. Coming to China was a well-considered decision of mine for many years. Doing this through a company I feel connected to, is an absolute fortune which I appreciate and want to further develop. 

As for my private plans, I want to further enhance my Chinese vocabulary and writing skills. I’ve been learning Chinese for years but there is always more to know about it. 说实话. In my opinion, if you genuinely intend to reside in this country for long, it is important to adjust to it, appreciate its culture, and make an effort to acquire the language as best you can. I enjoy spending a lot of my free time on training my Chinese language skills. 


Do you have any other ideas/thoughts to share with us? 

To everyone who might read this from Bertschi Shanghai: I am looking forward to working together with you guys for the near and far future. Also I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at Headquarters who not only enabled my path to China but also gave me the opportunity during the past few years. Its great being part of this global organization! 


To read more about the Bertschi Trainee Program, where Tobias started his Bertschi journey, click here

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