MMDI Tanks – Maintenance, Training, and Operation Key Pillars

MMDI Container Tanks


The Bertschi competence center for the MMDI tank container fleet is located in the beautiful Dutch town of Delfzijl. From there, we successfully manage the maintenance team which is spread across Bertschi terminals throughout Europe.

With the development of the Bertschi innovative tank container fleet since 2003, and the entry into the storage and transport of MMDI, Bertschi has laid the foundation of its market leadership in the segment today. This has made it possible to ship the temperature-sensitive product intermodally throughout Europe. Compared with pure road transport, countless tonnes of CO2 can be saved with a significantly increased payload.

Maintenance is key in keeping the fleet of 150 MMDI tank containers running. Each tank container has a diesel engine that drives a generator to produce electricity. This electricity feeds the control system and pumps and heats the glycol, which ultimately keeps the MMDI at the correct temperature around the clock. The individual maintenance program, triggered by an operating hours counter, ensures smooth operation. During operation, which seamlessly follows maintenance, we gather important data and experience, which are then incorporated into the maintenance and further development of the MMDI system.

The digitalization and associated connection of the MMDI tank container fleet to an innovative telematics system will soon be completed. And afterwards, in the coming months, Bertschi will conduct a further Europe-wide training course for terminal and workshop employees—the MMDI Bertschi training program. It includes maintenance and operational measures and a dedicated retrofit programme for all MMDI tank containers. This program will ensure the transfer of qualified expertise to our workshops and enable our employees to carry out repair and maintenance work, particularly in Antwerp, Cologne, Schwarzheide, and Solbiate. Thus, we are laying the foundation for the safe and continued reliable operation of the entire Bertschi MMDI tank container fleet.

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