We are searching for the following locations:


  • Kombiterminal München

Contact: Marc Bosshard (procurement@bertschi.com)

  • Kombiterminal Köln

Contact: Michael Schmalholz (michael.schmalholz@bertschi.com)

  • Kombiterminal Ludwigshafen

Contact: Michael Burger (michael.burger@bertschi.com)

  • Kombiterminal Duisburg

Contact: Dirk Beranek (dirk.beranek@bertschi.com)

  • Bentivoglio - Provinz Bologna

Contact: Gabriele Del Mistro (gabriele.delmistro@bertschi.com)

  • Busto Arsizio

Contact: Gabriele Del Mistro (gabriele.delmistro@bertschi.com)

  • Santa Palomba (Pomezia)

Contact: Gabriele Del Mistro (gabriele.delmistro@bertschi.com)

  • Verona

Contact: Gabriele Del Mistro (gabriele.delmistro@bertschi.com)


Transport partners / subcontractors



About Bertschi

Bertschi is a market leader in the transport industry, specialised in providing sophisticated intermodal services via rail, road and water to the chemical industry. Our customers' product flows are steered centrally from our headquarters in Switzerland, assisted by our 2'900 employees in 38 countries worldwide. We are operating 34'000 tank- and dry-bulk containers, evaluating on a daily basis the best transport routes and modes according to economical and ecological criteria in order to provide top service quality to our customers.




Your qualifications

  • Experience with chemical transports as far as possible
  • Ownership of own vehicle combination(s) or own rental(s)
  • Accurate, clean and reliable work
  • Punctuality & Flexibility


Our offer

  • A secure partner in a growing company
  • A punctual payment
  • Systematic training and induction


How do I apply

Please send your written application with a picture to the address given at the respective location.

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