Bertschi achieves 100% score in OCS compliance within SQAS

Bertschi truck overlooking beach


The international Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) initiative has a crucial mission: to prevent the release of plastic granulates into our environment, especially our oceans. This objective requires the active participation of all stakeholders across the plastics supply chain, necessitating preventive actions.

Achieving the goal of 'Zero Pellet Loss' can only be possible through the collaboration of every partner, from polymer producers to logistics service providers and processors.



After Bertschi was the first service provider to sign the pledge for the OCS program in 2016, we are happy to announce that Bertschi is now also one of the first logistics companies to achieve a 100% score in OCS-relevant questions as part of an SQAS assessment.

In recognition to this outstanding achievement, Bertschi will be officially listed on the OCS website as one of only a few companies fulfilling 100% of the OCS requirements. For more information, please visit the official OCS website.

A huge thanks to all at Bertschi who contribute every day in preserving the cleanliness of our world. Together, let's continue to strive for our sustainability goals and try to make our oceans plastic-free!


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