Driving Towards Sustainability: Bertschi Explores Electric Trucks for a Climate-Neutral Supply Chain

Two Bertschi employees standing in front of a white electric truck


Bertschi Group, a leader in global logistics and chemical distribution, has taken another step towards achieving its goal of a climate-neutral supply chain. Recently, the group has introduced electric trucks within its operations, starting with trucks for Nordic Bulkers and Bertschi Cologne. This pilot project aims to assess the performance of electric trucks in Bertschi’s and Nordic Bulkers' logistics chains and explore the feasibility of scaling up their usage in the coming years. By embracing sustainable solutions like electric trucks and intermodal transports, Bertschi Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact and fostering a greener future.



Nordic Bulkers Leads the Charge, Bertschi Cologne Follows Suit!

This first unfolded as Nordic Bulkers, a part of the Bertschi Group, proudly introduced two brand new electric trucks to their fleet. These trucks are set to traverse the Stenungsund-Gothenburg route serving a valued customer with a shared vision. After the successful introduction of two electric trucks by Nordic Bulkers, Bertschi Cologne has also joined the initiative with an electric truck in their operations as well. This expanded effort demonstrates the group's commitment to thoroughly assessing the feasibility and benefits of electric trucks in their logistics operations. By gathering valuable data on the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of these vehicles, Bertschi Group aims to evaluate the potential for replicating and expanding the use of electric trucks for other customers in the near future. This proactive approach solidifies Bertschi Group's commitment to sustainability and their dedication to making informed decisions about incorporating environmentally friendly solutions into their fleet.




Towards a Climate-Neutral Supply Chain

Bertschi Group's decision to start adopting electric trucks aligns with its broader objective of establishing a climate-neutral supply chain. Today, Bertschi already operates 90% of all European land transport in intermodal rail transport. The intermodal transport through Switzerland already qualifies as zero-emission, as trains that travel through Switzerland use electricity obtained exclusively from non-fossil sources (hydro, solar, wind, nuclear power). With the shift to rail, Bertschi has reduced its transport's CO2 emissions by 300,000 tons annually. Integrating electric trucks represents a vital step in the company’s next climate objective of door-to-door transport chains with zero CO2 emissions, including intermodal pre- and on-carriage by road. By incorporating more electric trucks into their fleet, Bertschi Group aims to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for the transportation industry.



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