Congratulations on the successful completion of your apprenticeship!

Lehrabschluss 2023

We are proud to congratulate our apprentices on successfully completing their apprenticeship. We wish them all the best and much success for the future!


Our apprentices have continuously developed during their training and expanded their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. They have proven that they possess not only the necessary technical know-how but also the personal qualities that make them valuable members of our team. Their dedication, reliability, and commitment have significantly contributed to the success of the company.

We are confident that they will achieve great things in their professional future. Their completion of the apprenticeship is evidence of their hard work, dedication, and determination. Pursue your career path with confidence and passion, and set high goals for yourselves because we firmly believe that you can achieve them.

Congratulations on your successful completion of the apprenticeship!


In the picture from left to right:

Nils Büchli – Vehicle Specialist / Vehicle Mechanic

Dominik Baumast – Road Transport Specialist

Jeremy Graf – Vehicle Mechatronics Engineer

Siril Joho – IT Platform Development

Andrea Schneeberger – Business administrator

Chester Neuhaus – IT Platform Development

Vera Scussel – Business administrator

Romain Nykyforchyn – IT technician app development

Elise Laubacher – Business administrator

Selin Yavuzcan – IT technician app development

Thomas Perreten – Road Transport Specialist