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Automatic ETA updates enhance information flow

EAT Update Header

The Bertschi Customer Portal opens the door to the world of logistics for our customers, allowing them to manage their shipments easily and efficiently thanks to numerous innovative features. The introduction of the automatic ETA notification system in August 2023 marks an important milestone in Bertschi's digital transformation. This system not only optimizes internal communication, but also offers customization options to meet the different needs of our customers.

How does the ETA notification system benefit you?

The primary goal of this feature is to provide our customers with reliable, standardized, real-time updates, giving them greater flexibility in the demanding landscape of international transportation management.

This milestone has been achieved by focusing on two fundamental aspects: establishing a single source of information and a simple, standard format for its delivery. Each time our planners change a shipment date, they are prompted to indicate the reason for the modification. Subsequently, this information is automatically emailed to the designated customer contact who is overseeing the order. In case of further changes, the same process is then repeated. Thus, Bertschi employees and customers have access to the same information at the same time, effectively streamlining the communication process. 

ETA Update Mails

To provide a comprehensive solution tailored to meet diverse customer needs, the Automatic ETA Updates feature offers personalized customization options. Clients desiring close oversight throughout every step of the shipment journey can receive notifications regarding loading and delivery times, available 24 hours prior to the scheduled collection or delivery date. Conversely, those exclusively interested in date changes can easily turn off the time notification feature, by using the link provided for this purpose in each email.

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