About Bertschi

Founded in 1956 by Hans and Rolf Bertschi, the company has developed into a global logistics service provider for the chemical industry, specializing in both liquid and dry bulk products. Bertschi is a family owned company headquartered in Dürrenäsch, Switzerland.

Bertschi has established a leading position in the intermodal transportation of chemicals by rail, road, and water in Europe and is today a leading global provider of ISOtank transportation and value-added logistics services for the chemical industry. This includes a global offering in freight management as well as several Bertschi logistics facilities across Europe and in Asia. 



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Our Vision

  • We are the preferred provider of robust and efficient supply chain services for the chemical industry.


  • We set the benchmark in safety, inno­vation, service quality, and sustainability.
  • As a family business, the long-term well-being of our employees, the society, and the environment is embedded in our culture.

Our Founders

The corporate philosophy established by our founders, Hans and Rolf Bertschi, remains deeply embedded in Bertschi’s company culture and its roots are still very much in evidence. Bertschi has remained a family-owned company with its headquarters in Dürrenäsch, Switzerland.

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A Truck on a Train

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In a pioneering move in 1964, the company loaded its first trucks onto a train on the route between Germany and Italy. This marked the advent of transalpine intermodal freight transport in Europe.

Rail to China

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In 2011, Bertschi was the first company to transport ISOtanks purely via the rail route between Europe and China.


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