Logistics and Supply Chain

Bertschi employee answering the phone and there is text saying "Be at the forefront of cutting edge logistics"

Join our dynamic team and be part of the pulse of modern logistics. Explore a range of exciting opportunities where you'll play a vital role in shaping the future of transportation and supply chain management. From coordinating international shipments to ensuring seamless customer experiences, your career at Bertschi opens doors to innovation and growth in the ever-evolving world of logistics.

Empower Customer Connections

Be the friendly voice that ensures our clients' needs are not just met, but exceeded. Thrive in our fast-paced environment, providing personalized support and building lasting relationships with customers around the globe.

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Collaborate Across Borders & Cultures

Join our international team. Collaborate with colleagues worldwide, leveraging diverse perspectives to overcome challenges and achieve success.

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Navigate International Logistics

From coordinating complex customs procedures to optimizing transportation routes, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless movement of goods across borders.

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Problem-Solving in Real-Time

With agility, creativity, and a cool head under pressure, you'll unravel the most complex logistics chains and keep operations running smoothly. Join us and discover the satisfaction of turning obstacles into opportunities, every day.


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