500 New Containers: Bertschi's Response to the Evolving European Plastics Market

Bertschi Dry Bulk container


With an evolving market situation and an influx of production pouring in from international sources, Europe's plastics industry is undergoing significant changes. Local production is gradually giving way to imports from other parts of the world, changing the way trade flows throughout Europe. Recognizing the shifts in the plastic market, Bertschi is proactively preparing to accommodate these changes and serve its customer base as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Bertschi is purposefully growing its container capacity and investing in expansions of its plastic hubs and container farms to integrate the growing volumes of plastic imports. This strategic approach ensures that Bertschi remains a reliable player in intermodal logistics, equipped to address the changing landscape effectively.

This 2023 alone, several batches of brand new 30’ bag-in-box containers arrived at Bertschi terminals, adding a total of 500 new containers to the already expansive Bertschi fleet. Now 10,900 containers strong, the Bertschi Dry Bulk container fleet is poised to meet the sudden growing demand in plastic bulk logistics needs in Europe.


500 brand new Bertschi containers arrive to meet the growing market demand in dry bulk chemical products.


Bertschi has remained a market leader in European intermodal dry bulk logistics, staying on top of the industry through a strategic blend of innovation, sustainability, and a comprehensive network.


A Multi-Faceted Approach

Bertschi's comprehensive approach to dry bulk logistics starts with the highest quality fleet of company-owned containers and trucks, and a dense network of terminals, strategically positioned across Europe. The company's expansive fleet includes 10,900 containers, tailored to meet a range of requirements. From 30' bag-in-box containers to 30'/33'/40' pressurized containers and high cube box containers, Bertschi offers a versatile range of equipment to handle diverse cargo types efficiently.



Strategically positioned in port areas, Bertschi’s European terminals boast advanced tilting equipment designed to streamline the unloading of dry bulk goods. This means that customers can expect a seamless transfer of contents from, for example, deep-sea containers into Bertschi's European standard 30' containers. This not only optimizes storage space but also enables cost savings through the quick turnover of the deep-sea containers.



Bertschi’s box container farms, as an alternative storage to traditional vertical silos, offers numerous advantages that can improve storage planning and supply chain management. The Bertschi container storage concept offers customers flexibility in storage planning, the freedom to store products wherever it suits their operational requirements, shorter reaction time, cost reduction, and a reduced number of handlings. Bertschi's strategically located terminals around Europe offer storage possibilities for both DG and non-DG products, catering to a wide range of requirements.


An Intermodal Powerhouse

Aside from the highest safety and quality standards, what also sets Bertschi apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The company leverages the strengths of rail, short sea, and road transport, harnessing the power of intermodal logistics to offer the most sustainable transport solutions. A staggering 100% of all shipments conducted by Bertschi Dry Bulk utilize rail or sea transport, reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the environmental impact associated with traditional road transport.

The company's dedication to sustainability goes beyond transportation modes. Bertschi works closely with its customers to devise intelligent logistics and storage concepts. Recognizing the volatile nature of the chemical industry, Bertschi encourages container-based storage farms that eliminate fixed costs. By decoupling production and distribution requirements, Bertschi empowers efficient production optimization and enables just-in-time supply to end-customers.



Bertschi is also a proud member of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), with a crucial mission to prevent the release of plastic granulates into our environment, specially our oceans. After the company was the first service provider to sign the pledge for the OCS program in 2016, Bertschi is now also one of the first logistics companies to achieve a 100% score in OCS-relevant questions as part of an SQAS assessment.


Customer Collaboration and Industry Dynamics

Bertschi’s European business includes 50 locations in 25 countries. Each location is strategically chosen to ensure proximity to key industries and to optimize transport routes.


In an industry characterized by high volatility, Bertschi Dry Bulk thrives on collaboration with its customers. By understanding their unique requirements, the company designs tailor-made solutions that navigate the intricacies of the chemical industry. This partnership approach ensures flexibility, agility, and adaptability to changing market dynamics.

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