Bertschi's Tank Container Farm Solution for Chemical Liquids

Bertschi containers on site with a chemical plant in the background


At Bertschi, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the chemical industry when it comes to storage and logistics. That's why we offer innovative storage solutions that provide the most flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.




Our tank container farm storage system, as an alternative to traditional vertical tanks, offers numerous advantages that can improve your storage planning and supply chain management. Let's explore the benefits of choosing Bertschi for your chemical liquid storage needs:


  • Flexibility in Storage Planning - Scale up or down quickly and optimize your space.
  • No Fixed Location - The freedom to store products wherever it suits your operational requirements.
  • Shorter Reaction Time – Quick access to your products.
  • Cost Reduction - only pay for the storage capacity you require.
  • Reduced Number of Handlings - Maintain the integrity and quality of your products by eliminating the need for intermediate transfers between storage units.
  • Efficiency and Reliability - With a fleet of 32,000 tank containers and a dense network of terminals and tank container farms, we ensure reliable and efficient storage solutions across Europe and the Globe.



Bertschi's strategically located terminals around Europe offer storage possibilities for both DG and non-DG products, catering to a wide range of requirements. Additionally Bertschi operates Liquid Chemical Hubs for both DG and non-DG in Singapore and Zhangjiagang (China) and a storage terminal in Jubail (Saudi Arabia).



Avoid Bottlenecks, Embrace Flexibility

By partnering with Bertschi, you can avoid bottlenecks in your storage and supply chain, allowing for smooth operations and uninterrupted production.

Our tank container farm solution empowers you with the freedom to adapt and adjust your storage capacities according to market dynamics, ensuring maximum flexibility and responsiveness.



Bertschi provides the chemical industry with an innovative and versatile alternative to traditional vertical tanks. With our vast fleet of containers, efficient terminals and tank container farms, and a reliable transportation network, we offer the optimal storage and logistics solutions for your chemical liquid needs. Embrace the advantages of flexibility, cost reduction, and streamlined operations with Bertschi.

To learn more about our storage solutions, contact our dedicated team today at

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