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In today's business world, visibility, transparency, and data-driven decisions are critical for success. To gain an edge over the competition, it's essential to provide customers with relevant information in a timely manner. Bertschi has developed several tools to achieve this, but its biggest success story so far is the Bertschi Customer Portal. Let's explore what makes this solution superior to others and step into the world of logistics made easy.


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Track & Trace 

The Bertschi Customer Portal offers several benefits, including the ability to Track & Trace shipments. Customers can monitor their shipments' progress from order planning to unloading with real-time updates and notifications. They know if the container is in storage, in transit, or ready for delivery. The information is transmitted to the portal the moment G11 is updated. Customers can view the shipment's status, whether it's on time, delayed, or arriving early, as well as the reason behind any deviation.



Another important feature of the customer portal is the capability to set up notifications as per preference. Customers can receive real-time updates about their shipments, including the order status, estimated loading/unloading times, and any delays or issues that may arise. They can also subscribe to receive the CMR documents via email, a feature that more and more them use, either as Proof of Delivery, or just because they know they will receive them moments after they are uploaded in our system.



Customers can also access important transport documents related to their shipments, such as CMRs, Cleaning Certificates, COAs, and Customs documents, without contacting customer service. Everything uploaded as "External" in G11 is accessible in the portal.








Another benefit of the Bertschi Customer Portal is the access to stock lists. Customers can easily view their current stock levels in certain locations and, when needed, monitor their storage costs. This way they stay on top of their inventory and ensure that they have the right products in stock at all times.



Additional costs overview

The Bertschi Customer Portal provides our customers with an overview of any additional costs associated with their shipments, including shipping fees, container rental costs, waiting time costs, additional cleaning fees and any other charges that may apply.  It helps them review the transport details and accept the costs without raising any additional questions.



Book & Manage

The latest feature of the Bertschi Customer Portal is the ability to book and manage shipments. Customers who don’t already have an EDI connection with us, can send new orders, make changes, and cancellations without having to write an email or call customer service. The information is directly transmitted into G11, and only minimum manual edits are required by customer service. The goal is to eventually have all customers integrated and ensure that daily operations are speedier and more effective.



In conclusion, the Bertschi Customer Portal is a valuable tool for both our customers and our employees. It leads to more transparency, more satisfied customers, and greater success for businesses overall.


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