Prioritizing Driver Safety and Efficiency: Inside Bertschi's Driver Training

Bertschi Instructor Day for Drivers
The logistics industry plays a crucial role in the global economy, and the safe and efficient transportation of goods depends on skilled and dedicated truck drivers.


Bertschi's Driver Training Program

Bertschi is a leader in the European logistics industry, providing sustainable and safe transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials. One of the ways that we ensure the safety of our drivers and subcontractors is through our rigorous driver training program. This program mainly focuses on practical issues, damages, accidents, technical developments, and changes within the regulations. It is led by our team of Behavioral Based Safety trainers.



We operate our own in-house driver selection and training process, which allows us to quickly recruit highly skilled drivers who meet our safety standards. Our drivers are regularly trained to the highest levels of safety compliance, with over 70 annual training events that cover both theoretical lectures and practical workshops. These trainings are designed to put safety as a top priority in our business and ensure that our drivers are experts in their field.



Improving Driver Safety with Telematic System

To further improve the safety and skills of our drivers, we have implemented a telematic system called Mapon. This system evaluates the driving behavior of our drivers, including eco-speed, excessive idling, cruise control usage, coasting, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, and fuel consumption. This data helps us to identify areas for improvement and ensure that our drivers are performing at the highest level possible.



Addressing the Challenge of Driver Shortage

The driver shortage remains a challenge for the industry. Loading and unloading points across Europe have been identified as one of the main factors that contribute to driver dissatisfaction and turnover. Drivers often face long wait times due to inflexible time slots and inconsistent procedures, as well as a lack of respect for their profession and rude treatment on site. This results in a decrease in job attractiveness and productivity, and a shortage of skilled drivers in the industry.

To tackle this challenge, Bertschi endorses the industry recommendations for these sites of revising opening hours, outsourcing site operations, creating flexible time slots, adapting inventory level requirements, and handling drivers with more respect.

At Bertschi, we believe that all stakeholders in the industry need to join forces to improve the job image, job attractiveness, and productivity of truck drivers. We recognize that truck drivers are a valuable and scarce resource, and we strive to provide them with the best possible working conditions, training, and support. By working collaboratively with other industry players, we can ensure the sustainability and success of the logistics industry in the long term.


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