Meet Guiling: Our RMG Crane Operator at the New Bertschi Zhangjiagang Chemical Hub

Bertschi Female RMG Crane Operator
We recently released a video showcasing one of our female RMG crane operators, Guiling Ma, at our Zhangjiagang Chemical Hub in China. We are thrilled to highlight Guiling's dedication and skill in her role, as well as her inspiring personal story.

Guiling's passion for operating vehicles began in her childhood, where she grew up in the countryside and learned to drive tractors from her father. Years later, with her family’s encouragement, Guiling pursued training to become an RMG crane driver.

Today, as a crane operator at the Bertschi Zhangjiagang Chemical Hub, Guiling plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of goods. Her daily routine begins with checking for any obstacles on the tracks and the status of electrical devices before starting the crane operations. Guiling emphasizes the importance of being detail-oriented and continuously learning and observing in order to become a skilled crane operator.



We are proud to have Guiling as a valued member of our team and are inspired by her professionalism, optimism, and unyielding spirit. Despite the challenges she faces as a mother and a woman in a male-dominated field, Guiling has found a career that she loves.

Our video serves as a reminder of the important role that women play in traditionally male-dominated fields and highlights the contributions of all our female employees at Bertschi. We hope that Guiling's story will inspire others to break barriers and pursue careers in any field they choose.  





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