Bertschi: A Top Employer for IT Jobs in Switzerland's Transport and Traffic Sector

Bertschi IT Employees with the CHIP Award Logo


Bertschi has been awarded the title CHIP Top Employers in Switzerland for IT jobs 2023, according to a study conducted by CHIP and its partner Globis Consulting. The award recognizes companies that are particularly attractive for IT professionals in Switzerland. With a score of 71%, ranked number 4 of the top companies in the transport and traffic sector for IT jobs. 



Bertschi's Commitment to Digitalization 

Bertschi is a market leader in intermodal logistics and provides end-to-end global logistics services for the chemical sector. The company has a substantial in-house IT team of 80 employees, including 50 software developers, who are actively developing and implementing digitalization concepts and software to improve the company's efficiency and sustainability.  

Digitalization is key to Bertschi's operations, where innovative and intelligent solutions are focused on to create additional value for our customers and improve efficiency. The company also believes that by leveraging technology, Bertschi can optimize its supply chain processes, reduce emissions, and improve safety across its global operations. 

Bertschi’s commitment to digitalization has helped it attract top IT talent in Switzerland. Bertschi's in-house IT team works closely with the company's operations and logistics teams to develop innovative solutions that address the industry's most pressing challenges. 



CHIP Top Employers in Switzerland for IT jobs 2023 

CHIP and Globis Consulting evaluated 830 well-known employers in Switzerland on the basis of three criteria. Firstly, they submitted test applications and inquiries to the companies to gather information about the personnel and recruitment processes. Secondly, the companies' websites, especially the career sections, were evaluated based on their information content and transparency. Finally, employee reviews for IT-specific jobs on kununu, an employer review platform, were considered. The analysis results in a score for each employer that reflects its attractiveness for IT staff. 

In the ranking for the transport and traffic sector, Bertschi AG was awarded 71% by CHIP, making it one of the top four companies. The rankings highlight the best companies for IT professionals in Switzerland's transport and traffic sector. 

The CHIP Top Employers in Switzerland for IT jobs 2023 award is a testament to Bertschi's commitment to creating a supportive and attractive workplace for IT professionals. The company's focus on digitalization and innovation has helped it stay ahead of the competition in the transport and traffic sector. Bertschi's CIO, Marcus Berner, commented on the award, saying, "We are honored to receive the CHIP Top Employers in Switzerland for IT jobs 2023 award. Most people are not aware that as a logistics company, we have such a potent and professional IT and how central it is to Bertschi’s strategy. This recognition speaks to the complex challenges and highly fulfilling positions we are offering to top IT talent in Switzerland.  We will continue to invest in our in-house IT team to drive high-quality digitalization and innovation across our global operations."



Markus Berner

Bertschi Chief Information Officer


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