Transparency, Accuracy, and Speed: How our Customers Benefit from the New Customer Portal – An Interview with Georgia Tziogkidou

Bertschi and Georgia


We asked Georgia Tziogkidou, Digital Project Manager for the Digitalization department of Bertschi Group, all about the new Bertschi Customer Portal and its key features and development.


What is the new Bertschi Customer Portal?

The Bertschi Customer Portal is our new online platform that was designed to offer end-to-end, real-time visibility. It was built in compliance with the sector standardized ECTA Transport Milestone & ETA updates and provides our customers control over the supply chain, including Track&Trace, Documents, Stocklist, Additional Costs management, and more.


Overview of our Data Flow, providing end-to-end supply chain visibility for Bertschi customers

*EDI = Electronic Data Interchange



When did you start developing the portal, and what pushed your team to focus on this project?

At Bertschi we are always encouraged to be innovative and bring intelligent solutions and methodologies that create additional value for our customers and improve efficiency. With the ongoing transformation of the chemical sector, the need for process digitization keeps growing. One of the most common customer expectations nowadays is around-the-clock overview on the order status, transparency, accuracy, and -of course-, speedier processes. Focusing on this project was something we took up with excitement.


We first released the Customer Portal in October 2019, and since then we have made huge steps foward. It is, after all, an agile project. This means that we are always working to make it exactly what our customers need for their daily business, and their feedback helps us decide which features to build next and what improvements should be made.




Now that it’s been released and running for some time, can you tell us how effective it has been for the business?

I can say with confidence that the feedback we have received so far is extremely positive. Our customers have expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the portal, as they now always know the real-time status of their orders, automatically receive notifications on ETA changes, and have access to the documents, moments after they are scanned by our drivers. Our Bertschi planners have also reported that the correspondence with our customers is now significally reduced, allowing them to be faster and more efficient in their daily operations. And that is the goal, isn’t it? By introducing this platform, we optimize the processes and accelerate time to value, only to meet the customer needs.



What are the key features?

The key features of the Bertschi Customer Portal include:

  • Real-time order overview with status messages
  • Customizable notification service, either for single orders or saved filters
  • Receiving CMRs via email upon subscription
  • Sharing single order details and enabling tracking
  • Exporting Excel lists
  • Easy, real-time, inventory status tracking
  • Extra-costs overview per shipment position


and more.


The Bertschi Customer Portal provides many features for end-to-end supply chain visibility for our customers. 


What are other new features our customers can soon look forward to that you’re developing at the moment?

The next feature that is coming is a Dedicated Fleet Management tool. We want to support smarter inventory decisions, by quickly correlating data, helping to ensure that the fleet usage is optimized, any disruptions are mitigated, and the products arrive timely.


It has been our goal to adapt technology and have a clear digital road map, in order to provide a superior customer experience at multiple touch points. Launching the new Customer Portal was another step in that direction.


Georgia Tziogkidou has been working at Bertschi since 2017. She started her career with us as a trainee, and is now a Digital Project Manager for the Digitalization department. The Bertschi Customer Portal is one of the many projects she works on in the advancement and digitalization of our global logistics services. 

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