Stiftung Lebenshilfe: quality catering in the in-house canteen at Bertschi headquarters

Culinary Team
The name says it all: Lebenshilfe, or "life help", for people with light to severe cognitive or mental impairment or multiple disabilities – that is what the Stiftung Lebenshilfe (Lh) is all about.

People with disabilities can find a home at Lh from when they complete their mandatory education up to the end of their life. They live in small accommodation units for up to eight people within modern residences, and are supported as and when they need it.

At Lh, people with different abilities are able to work and learn. They experience what it is like to participate in a work situation in the craftwork studio and sheltered workshops at Lh, or externally at a partner company. Young people can complete a basic education, which serves as a stepping stone into the world of work. People who are restricted in their work they can do due to illness or accident are prepared for their return to work using job coaching or retraining. Those needing support find a sympathetic environment that encourages their development by building up their skills. The aim is to increase employability and economic and social integration.

Lh also offers sheltered work and study places in the catering sector. Lh operates its own staff restaurant that cooks 200 lunches every day for employees and some of the residences. The Lh kitchen also runs private and corporate events for groups of up to 200 people and supplies companies with lunches. The Restaurant & Hotel zum Schneggen in Reinach also belongs to Lh. The business provides training and integration and offers high quality à la carte cuisine.

Since April 2019, the Lh catering team has been able to demonstrate its culinary skills in the Bertschi staff restaurant. Each day, the menu includes meat and vegetarian dishes, salad and soup, and a salad buffet.



The highly motivated team, under the direction of Head Chef Renate Annen, comprises chef Patrick Heini, two kitchen staff and a trainee. Priska Hold and three cleaners ensure that the dining rooms are clean and tidy. They all look forward to welcoming you as a guest when you visit our headquarters – you will be impressed at the high quality and delicious meals!

We are proud to be in this partnership, creating a space for education, training, and integration within our company.


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