Truck Bowling and Social Distancing – 2020 Driver Training Days

Bertschi Truck Bowling


We are committed to maintaining a team of logistics professionals that put safety as a top priority. It is thus crucial that our drivers are regularly trained to the highest levels of safety compliance. This is done through our annual driver training days. 

This 2020 was no exception. Social distancing and preventive measures were implemented according to the subsidiaries’ local recommendations, in order that these trainings remain possible. 

Every training day is modularly assembled and branch specific, based on EU-directives. They are led by our 7 professional Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Trainers, and divided into theoretical presentations and practical workshops. This year’s trainings included Group updates, safety procedures for transporting Acrylic Acid, and training on Tachographs and safety harnessing, among other topics. Our drivers also flexed their skills with fun games like Truck Bowling and other workshop activities. 

This year will culminate with around 60 Driver Training days held throughout Europe. They continue to be highly appreciated by our drivers, operational staff, and our customers. 

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