Le Havre - the place to be

Le Havre
From a white spot 4 years ago to a strategic hub and a strong global presence. 

Prior to the opening of our Le Havre office back in summer 2016, we had no Global shipments operated through Le Havre port. Ranked as the 5th largest port in northern Europe, Le Havre is the leading French port for international trade in container traffic, with 500 ports reached worldwide, providing fast transit time for both imports and exports. The Le Havre region can be seen as a chemical cluster, with a leading position in the production of fertilizers, oils, additives, refinings, olefins, elastomers, and plastics. Bertschi established an office there to enlarge its network of branches and develop its footprint in the North West of France.

When the decision was taken to set up our own office in Le Havre, special attention was given to find a suitable location. The office needed to be close to the port and multimodal local infrastructure, in order to both  support our innovative business model, and bring us very close to customer plants, giving us competitive advantages. The decision was taken to open our local office on LHTE multimodal terminal, in the heart of Le Havre port industrial estate, on the door steps of local Petrochemical plants and service providers. This choice quickly proved to be the right one, to support all our local developments and provide our customers with the best possible services. It also ensured that our Global fleet, depot network, and other physical assets could perform at the highest levels of quality and safety. 

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