Avoid Disruption: Diversify Your Supply Chain

Diversify Your Supply Chain
Never before have supply chains been so vulnerable. The outbreak of corona put industrial companies in trouble, with access to supplies being cut off as early as March this year or later on. With sourcing factories closing or facing insolvency, fewer ships operating, and delayed access to ports and borders blocked, companies have needed to become innovative in sourcing their required materials. 

While this extreme situation of a pandemic has exposed many previously-thought stable supply chains, it has also brought forth the opportunity to realize that supply chain vulnerability is a clear and increasing danger that can be avoided. Companies need to adapt and invest in short-term tactical solutions as well as long-term strategies in diversification, and it isn’t too late to start now.  

Logistics partners with highly diversified global supply chain networks come into play here. Bertschi’s reliable, intermodal, and diverse worldwide coverage will defend your chemical supply chain from any disruption, now, and in the future. Our expertise in end-to-end chemical value chains, inventory management, and control towers can help you diversify and reconfigure your supply chain, getting your operations resilient and more cost efficient, mitigating any damage, and fortifying business.

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