Covid-19 and Shift Towards ISOtanks

Image of ISOtanks lined up


The COVID-19 crisis has engulfed nearly the entire world. While we are well aware of the negative effects of the pandemic, it has also brought about an environmentally positive consequence within the logistics industry: a trending shift away from flexibag-loadings towards ISOtank usage.

Companies worldwide are deploying increased safety measures and contactless work within chemical plants and at receivers. Flexitank manufacturing and installation have been challenged due to workers needing to operate in close proximity. These factors, complemented with the added overall volatility in global trade, have lead to an augmented growth in ISOtank usage.

While recent years have already proven an increase in ISOtank adoption, this trend has only accelerated with COVID-19. As companies become more inclined to rely on the durable and sustainable benefits of ISOtank loadings, the single-use flexibags are being left behind.

We at Bertschi, are heartened by this development, because creating green and sustainable logistics solutions, and thereby minimizing the environmental footprint, is our everyday goal.

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