Featured in Tankcontainer Magazine: Aldrees Bertschi Jubail in the Spotlight!

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The Joint Venture Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal in Saudi Arabia handles the logistics processes of our global and Middle Eastern clients. Our staff on-site operate as expert logistics professionals, handling the challenging requirements of our customers, through efficient implementation, trainings, and a special ability to withstand the harsh conditions of a terminal located in the middle of a desert.


The Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal has just been featured in the latest issue of the Tankcontainer Magazine. Our General Manager in Jubail, Andreas Nebiker, gave a stellar interview for the 2-page spread. He emphasized the need for Safety and Quality – key watchwords for Aldrees-Bertschi Logistics Services. Read all about how strict we are on safety on site, our quality cleaning and maintenance services, what it's like working in a tough desert environment, and how we dealt with supply chain disruptions, particularly during the covid pandemic.



You can find the whole article for viewing as PDF in the link below:

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