Bertschi and Stolt open a Cleaning Station in Russia - Nizhnij Novgorod

Click for a bigger image In Russia, the infrastructure for chemical bulk transportation is still scarcely developed. The lack in this field can be emphasized by the non-availability of cleaning stations working according to western standards. This is clearly a handicap in terms of loading return shipments. There are currently only two alternatives: either the tanks are sent back empty or cleaned at inappropriate stations, e.g. in chemical plants. This could bear risks for the backloads and as well for the environment.

Therefore, the two transport specialists Bertschi and Stolt have decided to jointly open a tank cleaning station at one of the three Russian subsidiaries of the Bertschi-Group, namely in Nizhnij Novgorod.

This location lies 400 km east of Moscow and has been chosen because there is a big chemical cluster in Nizhnij Novgorod with a remarkable potential for return shipments with tank containers from Russia.

The facility is located on a private railway terminal. It is installed in box-containers and equipped for operation in winter at minus 40° C. The cleaning water is stored in tank containers and disposed at a specialized external water processing facility.

The cleaning station includes two cleaning bays and four steam-ports for the heating-up of tank containers. After a start up period, the cleaning station shall be also opened for third parties.

This investment can be considered as a pioneer effort of Bertschi and Stolt in the Russian chemical transport market and a crucial contribution to its development.

Bertschi AG / 02.03.2012